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Originally Posted by jim625 View Post
I understand that everyone hates these lockboxes but i just wanted to share on how to unlock the ship since i got it twice one for my mine character and another for my alt character so any way this is how i got mine

my mine character
I first started of with by buying about 5000 zen which cost me about 37 ponds and then another for 2000 zen and then brought some 10 pack lockbox keys and by opening the boxes with the keys i got the wells-class ship

my alt character
it only took about 5000 zen with about 40 lockbox keys to get the ship in my alt character

I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but just wanted tell you unless you had a different way of getting it?
This is the element of your "how to get" guide I have a problem with.

You realize that this is more expensive than ANY other ship in the game, and it is a one time thing... If you discard it, it's gone... and you only get it for one char.
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