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10-18-2012, 01:26 PM
Well you lucky punks, my experience was not so kind. I bought $100 worth of zen with the bonus 600 and an additional 15% bonus which just barley got me 101 keys. I received no Wells class and barley received 600 lobi to get the 3 piece set for the destroyer that I had to buy from someone in my fleet. So basically this one experience has soured me on the whole lock-box lobi system in this game and will never open anymore boxes again without a guarantee that the drop percentage will work properly.

It is the same problem with the STF proto drops which I am glad there fixing in season 7. Now if they did the same for the lock boxes I would not mind anymore about opening them, however right now it is a fraud/scam for the players in my percentile.

<And why the hell can't I change my title on these bloody forums anymore, stupid dummed down PW forums.