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06-28-2009, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by Rhyfelur View Post
As far as the "disabled people should just suck it up and quit complaining" tone of the rest of your post goes...well I am just embarrassed for you. The first time anyone EVER brings the subject up on the forums, and several people feel the need to spew intolorance all over it.

The point wasnt that disabled people cant or shouldnt be strong and self sufficient. The point was that your post insinuated that somehow having a website with info directed at disabled gamers made them weak and needy.

You keep saying that AGs audience probably already knows about STO, Once again.... It isnt so much about making AGs audience aware of STO as it is making STOs disabled audience aware of the AG resource.

I didnt agree with your innitial post but i have to say ...I also think that a Representative of a guest site (AG)should really make sure they stay on the high road when posting on these forums. I felt the AG resentative's response to you came close to name calling and was generally dissmissive and rude. As an envoy of a guest organization you should really hold yourself to a higher standard imo.