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Originally Posted by arrdiapw View Post
Here, I've guessed at some of the acronyms based on tetonica's post so correct me if I'm wrong.
-Tactical- Tactical Team I (TT1) / Attack Pattern Delta I (? ApD1 ?) / Attack Pattern Beta II (? ApB2 ?) / Cannon: Rapid Fire III
-Tactical- Tactical Team I (TT1) / Cannon: Scatter Volley I / Attack Pattern Omega I (ApO1)
-Tactical- Tactical Team I (TT1)
You can't use three copies of TT1, the shared cool down prevents more than two from working. Your only options for the third ensign tact slot is a beam or torpedo skill, but you have neither beams nor torpedoes (that benefit from High Yield or Torp Spread).

Your best option is to replace the hargh'peng with a quantum so you can run a torpedo skill in place of the third TT1. You could use a dual beam and BO1, but I don't think BO1 is worth the drop in DPS.