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06-28-2009, 10:27 AM
Powerhelm, you need to visit the site and see what it's all about. I'm not sure what percentage of our members would be considered lightly or mildly disabled, but the site is most beneficial to those members that suffer major physical disability and severe limitations on mobility. For example, have you ever heard of crerebral palsy? It can affect your entire range of motion limiting you to using one hand in some cases and not being able to walk. It does not usually affect your mental capabilities. Most MMOs require a fair amount of cognitiave thought, and offer a whole world of social interaction to somebody who may be ignored or avoided because of a physical disability in the real world. This makes MMOs desireable. Doesn't matter what you look like IRL while online, people will socialize with you if you are sociable.
I'm sorry, tell me where in anything I've written that I said anything negative about people with disabilities. Tell me where I said that it isn't important that they hear about things that would help them be able to enjoy a game more. My whole, entire point from the very beginning was that the interview did absolutely nothing to inform STO fans (disabled or not) about anything regarding the game other than the time period, even the generic "What ships can we fly?" "Will we get to pick our bridge officers" questions weren't asked.

There was nothing but a statistic or two regarding disabled persons and no suggestions or deep questions regarding accessibility. It was an ad for his site. If anything I'm angry because he used gamers with disabilities as a way to get an interview that did nothing but get his site more hits. You're attacking me and angry at me for things I haven't even said. In fact things that I have time and again said the opposite of.

It was already being discussed on our forums. What DID do, was let a few questions relevant to US be asked and answered. Being able to remap keys, especially to hardware which many of us rely upon that the average player wouldn't need to use, is very important and will very likely be a selling point to the many exisiting Trek fans that also play MMOs.
And as one person said remappable keys is a "duh" information snippet. Unless you don't play many games period you'd know remappable keys are pretty much the standard now. Also, like I said he didn't offer or ask about ANY other technologies or accessibility options.

The point wasnt that disabled people cant or shouldnt be strong and self sufficient. The point was that your post insinuated that somehow having a website with info directed at disabled gamers made them weak and needy.
What exactly (please use the quote option) gave you that impression?

You keep saying that AGs audience probably already knows about STO, Once again.... It isnt so much about making AGs audience aware of STO as it is making STOs disabled audience aware of the AG resource.
But if they wanted that resource wouldn't they use Google to find it or one like it?

I didnt agree with your innitial post but i have to say ...I also think that a Representative of a guest site (AG)should really make sure they stay on the high road when posting on these forums. I felt the AG resentative's response to you came close to name calling and was generally dissmissive and rude. As an envoy of a guest organization you should really hold yourself to a higher standard imo
See, I appreciate where you're coming from with that. I probably could have better worded my initial post. But please try to read through my posts and understand that I am not saying having makes persons with disabilities weak. I'm not saying they should be ignored. I'm simply saying that the interview came across as self serving and really didn't feel like it did anything to inform the target audience about the game or options to help them play it more comfortably. Like people keep saying it served the purpose of getting people to his site. A banner ad does the exact same thing and considering the level of content (for any person) in the "interview" I'd say it would have done just as good a job.