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10-18-2012, 02:13 PM
As a PVE player to pick up on what somone else has said about not every power being useful in every situation. Here's my notations frm a PVE perspective.

Working sci skills:
- Tykens I generally find this a bit usless in PVE, the problem is that it's generally not enough on it's own to stop stuff that needs pinning down in PE, but it can't be effectivlly combined with grav well due to GCD. At the same time the benefits of the drain can be achived other ways.
- VM with doffs Very poor, even with DoFF's and investement in Skill points the duration is just terribble in PVE terms, i cna achive supiriour effects other ways.
- TBR After Grav Well this is the best skill in the game, some content is littrially impossibble without it.
- TB Tottally usless, there's allmos allways several targets that need CC'ing in PVE and TBR is just supiriour.
- TSS Brilliant skill no complants
- HE same as TSS really
- PH Hard to justify this over other heal/tank skills and only a few sci have encough excess slots for it.

Poor performance sci skills:
- Scramble (only good at maxed out 3 too high opportunity cost) Far too sort a duration, better to just shove them away or get a cruiser to tank them if thats possibble.
- Energy Siphon (doesn't drain much but gives good return) Very good skill, combined with a sci's innatte target subsystem skills and especially Plasmonic leech KDF side and you can inflict some huge shutdowns on the enemy. SHutting down a tac cubes sheilds for 15 seconds is bassiclly game over for the cube.
- PSW (too weak knock, stun resisted) TBR is a better puch skill, the stun is nealy worthless, and the damage is laughable, i can get better torp damage.
- GW (too weak max pull) The pul in PVE is great thank you, this is pretty much the number 1 PVE skill as you can pin nearly anything with it, and the stacking kenetic damage from DoFF's on sheildless/low sheild targets is really nice.
- ST (too short clearing) the problem with this skill is tac team and sheid tanking in general. Sheild tanking is very ineffective and sheild heals are just very junky without the 4X multiplier tac team brings.
- MES (well...) never played with this one, but a cloak isn't that useful in PVE anyway.
- FBP (too high opportunity cost. only good for tacs) Interferes with TSS, dosen't matter that this is capable of shocking amounts of damage if you can pull enough fire onto yourself, becuase withotu a teamate providing cross healing the lakc of TSS is likliy to kill you given your probable damage intake. Really un-suited to sceince in general as it's a skill only a tank would even want to use.

Crap sci skills
- JS (useless in teamplay) PVE wise it's just the same as Scramble, witha terribble duration you can't do anything meaningful with it that a simple push away or tanking couldn't do better.
- Tachyon beam (does nothing because of resists) If you think the magnitude is bad in PvP, it's 10x worse in PVE. You coud dd a zero on the end of the magnitude and it would still only be so so at best in PVE
- CPB (does nothing because of resists) see Tachyon beam, plus despite plenty of targets in PVE they're rarely gathered that close togetehr without a grav well anyway, which it interferes with via shared boff slots. If the doff Placate was longer lasting this might be worth it as well, but again like jam/scramble it's too short to matter.
- Photonic officer (high opportunity cost, very little effect) A 5 minute recharge for a one/two use per PVE match reduction in CD's that will at best get a skill down to the level of it's GCD isn't worth much.

TBH though all the fixes in the world probbaly wouldn't change whats used in PVE. You just NEED too many sci slots going on heals, and you jsut absolutly need some CC skills that anything else just isn't going to see much use. Even Energy Siphon only gets used on carriers for me as they can't position for good TBR/Grav Well usage.