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10-18-2012, 02:14 PM
When you start comparing c-store with RA ships, it becomes apples and oranges. You're also not making the proper comparisons. The Galaxy and Nebula is more appropriate, both in functionality, their roles and timeline.

If they did a MU galaxy, they'd have to do a MU Nebula in which case the Nebula would become the engineering oriented ship, and the galaxy a more sci focused ship. Somehow, I don't think that's what people would want, the MU Galaxy would be a hybridized sci ship, though with at least a decent turn rate.

I also don't see them making an MU Dreadnaught and allowing people to circumvent the C-Store by getting a cloak for a measely 100k after the first week.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the spinal mount's structure prevented saucer seperation, and that's why the Galaxy-X doesn't have it.

More than likely, they've been looking at the Tor'Kaht and deciding whether to continue using a similar layout and offering it to the Federation. It's pretty much the ultimate cannon cruiser in the game atm and is similar to a Galor in many respects. It wouldn't surprise me if the Vesta uses a similar setup.

The irony is, if it had been made a T5 fleet ship instead of the anniv Oddy, it'd have an extra engineering console and no BOFF change.

My guess is, if they do decide to explore this further, it'll be a new ship class entirely and not a Galaxy-X refit because the latter is decidedly an engineering ship, not a tactical cruiser.