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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
Irrelevant, and a bit of a cop-out, imo.
Not really I used to be unselfish and dish out what few rare heals I have and my tt on my escort. Even used to do this without getting heals. But this game has been littered with so much hold slow p2w console **** spam it is near impossible to send anything and live in a pug match. The threat of snb doffs alone has caused the caution. You can blame the ****** devs for effing this game up with so much noob ****. I frankly don't blame anyone not in a premade for not sending what they have to share in today's game.

I have one of the best sci ships in this game right now. High aoe bleedthrough kinetic dmg, moderate drain and support healer. I can beat out bug ships by a few 100k for dmg everytime assuming the match is solid player 5 on 5.

And to the op if it get with one of the top pvp fleets in this game like Pandas or critz for example. Make sure you feed their ego and conform to the agenda flavor of the month otherwise you won't have any luck in there.

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