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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
Those are some pretty ugly changes.

im not totally shocked they are making changes as doffs are really quite easy to come by, especially with the ones from starbases and all the different ways to get them from the academy which probably means people are not buying doff packs, but id rather they made c-store doff packs more attractive than trying to make these harder.

right now people are pumping their doffs into starbase construction and this will make things a lot harder for everyone.

i dont mind little amounts of dilithium. 25, 50 a 100 etc but when its in the thousands that going to put people off. it wont kill doffing but its not going to do it any favours either.
I wouldn't mind if they actually offered Specialized Starbase DOFF Packs, where the DOFFs from the packs are for construction costs. And people had to pay $5 for the commons and uncommons and maybe $7 or $10 for Advanced Packs for Rare and VR DOFFs.

But this Dilithium Increase is going to be like Cryptic shooting their foot. It drastically hurts new players who are trying to get Rare and Very Rare DOFFs. It really hurts small Fleets slowly working their way up. And it even hurts fleets in Tier 4 and eventually Tier 5, because the costs to find that correct Rare or Very Rare DOFF is going to be so expensive it might actually stop people from doing so.
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