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10-18-2012, 02:26 PM
No it's not, if your running that you WILL die on a semi regular basis, at least once per STF, and thats on normal, forget doing that on elite, you'll just be goign pop all the time. It might work when you run in with your PvP budies in a pre-made becuase yo cross heal the ever living hell out of each other, in a PuG where your the only source of heals. Forget it, doubly so if your running a cruiser since your the aggro magnet.

EDIT: Just hit me what the differance is. myself, (and most PVE'rs i see in pugs), don't have a set of 3 purple sheild doffs. Gien how strong BFI has been shown to be by hillbert i suspect that would account for a lot of the differance. under heavy fire i need TSS and BFI together to keep my sheilds from collapsing, but with 3 purple BFI doffs i could undoubtdly keep my shelds on full just with BFI, menaing i could cycle it with TSS and drop 1 TSS.

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