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10-18-2012, 02:37 PM
The stupidity of this change is amazing. Instead of removing features they make it ridiculously expensive so that no one uses it. I'd rather see dil costs added to the starbase doff vendor instead of that crap.

I mean, I already have the perfect doff roster (really), I have every single crit doff for roughly 90% of existing missions, so, I don't need that for myself but those doffs were usefull for my fleet. It was my way of being social.

Now I don't mind I guess my fleet will just slow down the whole starbase grind, and since doffs will be a harsher problem (it's always what prevent us from completing projects), I guess that the whole season 6 content won't be played anymore. No more defera, nukara, fleet events, etc. A good part of our current fleet events will just disappear since fleet credits won't be critical at all.

I see no one in my fleet paying for doff packs and it's not going to change TBH. This change will just slow down our starbase progression. The basic academy pack dil cost is a huge mistake. I don't mind about the doff grinder since it has no real use, the current dil cost already makes it far less profitable than GQ exchanges.

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