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10-18-2012, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
This future change (not yet definitive - it's still being worked on) doesn't really make me happy.

I rarely used the Borg 3-part set (the shield heal never impressed me, was almost allways negligeable in my parses). That allowed me to choose any 2-part set I wanted to use along the (needed - in my eyes, since largest heal excluding SDO doffs) 2-part Borg set.

After that change, I will only be able to get 1 set bonus (because any full existing set would be very underwhelming to me). And that bonus will have to be "Autonomous regeneration sequencer", given its necessity. So my only options now are to choose the shield to go with the Borg deflector and engine. Not a whole lot of variety.

Note: I'm talking from an STF playing PVEer standpoint.
This is exactly the reason they're changing it.

They were meant to be run as a 4-piece set. Instead, players chose to do a 2+2, using the Console to free up the Shield slot most of the time and getting the 2-piece bonus of another set.

The change is to put back the original intent of having to run the Shields, Engines, and Deflector all at the same time if you want all the set bonuses. The Tractor Beam was included as a 3-set additional bonus so as to not take that away should someone already be running the 3-piece set with the console.

As a fellow PvE'er, I don't like it either. But then again, that's why I stick with PvE. For me, this is a minor inconvenience. My play style relies on shields, so I just switch out Deflector or Engine to keep the 2-piece Borg bonus. If I were a PvP'er, I'd have to rethink my whole build before Season 7 hits.