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10-18-2012, 02:55 PM
I'll add this as well, to make sure our concerns are 100% heard:

We are not looking for a reduction in the cost to run General Recruitment and the "Shredders"/Exchanges compared to what's being offered.

We're wanting costs to stay the same on something so general as, well, General Recruitment. If we're getting White DOFFs the vast majority of the time, why should we pay 1,000 Dilithium? Why should we pay anything? We can only get 1 Dilithium per DOFF back on them if we dismiss them.

As well, the Starbase system already takes a ton of Dilithium. Don't effectively add another 1,000 per General Recruitment run. As many DOFFs as it'll take, that's effectively what you're asking us to do.

So if you're really listening to us, please remove any cost associated with the General Recruitment and re-think your costs on the "Shredders"/Exchanges.