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10-18-2012, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by ga1en View Post
I actually have that exact same problem with World of Tanks. Every so often the modem will lose connection and reset.

My current workaround is to run utorrent and seed a few popular files to force the connection to stay open.

I used to run live365 and that usually works but sometimes the disconnects still happens.

Basically run a program that is constantly uploading something to the net to keep the connection open. Live 365 is a download so it can be interrupted by whatever strange thing is going on that is causing the modem to reset.

Checking with the net didn't show any solutions so this is my personal workaround to my disconnection problem. Hopefully it will also work for you.
Dont mix up your internet connection problems with a game,

That your modem resets and disconnects has nothing to do with Cryptics server so lets keep this a productive thread, come back when you fixed it on your side.