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10-18-2012, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
And people, please understand they are doing this to help us.
This maintenance needs to happen to fix a VERY big problem.
Don't RAGE at them for trying to help us.

Just a moment of take a deep breath, remember this is only a game.
We play it for fun.
Other things can be fun too.
Go outside and play frizbee with a friend, or your dog.
Make some popcorn and watch a movie.
Call your family just to say Hi.
Play Settlers of Catan with someone.

The server will return eventually, and we will all get to go pew pew the bad guys.
There will be another Tour the Galaxy.
There will be another STF.
The Sky ... is not falling.

Have a nice day.
Me, I'm gonna go bake a pie.
Yummmm ... Pie

Words of wisdom. I think I'll go play Spore for awhile. Or maybe go outside and see what that big yellow bright thing in the sky is. I've been wondering about that.