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10-18-2012, 03:25 PM
to be fair, there are plenty ways to get purple doffs, and people had good blue + purple rosters before these Academy NPCs were even introduced and before the Asylums were available 24/7

the problem is rather getting the useless white doffs to dump into the starbase in decent quantities now.
How, apart from lucky drops and a few rare doff missions, that give them on crits, (crits you can't reliably get without good doffs anyway), you can't aquire them AFAIK. The grinders let you reliably aquire them in mass quantaties.

Look i can understand somthing of a price hike on the grinders. They are a tad chap really. But this is a 40 fold increase. a 3-4 fold increase, yes, but not a 40 fold one. Knock a zero off those grinder prices and i'll shrug and accept it. but not a these values.