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10-18-2012, 03:32 PM
This is a fairly easy-to-get, easy-to-use fleet Patrol Escort build for PvE. It's pretty much the same build you could use for PvP, but adjusted for the fact that NPCs are really, really, really dumb, and therefore don't need as much precautions taken against them.

4x dual heavy cannons fore (fleet [dmg]x3[acc] if you can get it, mk12 borg otherwise, antiproton, polaron, or plasma for PvE)
1x tricobalt mine launcher aft (I think there's a borg one which should be fine)
2x turret aft (same as your cannons)
Full borg set.

Duty officers:
1 warp core engineer
3 shield distribution officers
1 duty officer of your choice

Tac Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Attack Pattern Omega 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 3
Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Dispersal Pattern Beta 2
Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Emergency Power to Shields 1
Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2

How to play it:
Constantly cycle EPTS1 and TT1. These are proactive buffs, not reactive ones. Have them running at all times.

Cycle CRF3 and CRF1, but try to time CRF3 with your tactical officer buffs.

Omega is for clearing tractor beams; if you're fighting an enemy that uses those, save it for that purpose. RSP1 is for popping your shields back up when they are getting critically low. Hazard Emitters 1 is for hull heals and clearing plasma DOTs. TSS2 is your shield heal.

Time your Dispersal Pattern Beta 3 with your tactical officer buffs to drop three super tricobalt mines on boss enemies. You can use it once while your tactical buffs are on cooldown, as well, because tricobalts have a 1 minute cooldown.