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Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
I think it only fair that both maco and khg get nerfed and broken up as well so everyone will be researching new builds'

There, that should let the maco and khg users know how the Borg set users feel. Not a lot of empathy in these forums, basically "I have a sandwich how can you be starving?" mentality.
I've underlined the mistake here.

Virtually no one uses a full MACO/KHG set, who in their right mind passes up the benefits of the Borg set.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Even after the Borg Set Bonuses were toned down several months ago, nothing really changed. The vast majority of players continued to run Borg 2- or 3-piece, plus a shield of their choosing, benefiting from a design oversight to a degree that left combat in an imbalanced state.

I have used the Borg set pretty much since it was first introduced and earned it the hard way (far harder then the current method). Even though I'm still using it now, I'm more then well aware how overpowered it is and how much is needs to be nerfed. Even after this nerf, I'll still be using a 2-piece borg set.

Nothing like watching as some poor highly skilled escort captain tries his damned hardest to kill you, only to be stopped as the Borg set returns your hull and shields back to full health. No skill required whatsoever.
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