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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
The real, unique, secret, to be rich: don't tell anyone if you have reliable sources of income making you swimming in unending loads of cash. Keep your sweet spot for yourself.

The tricks OP mentionned are for lowbies. It won't make you 'rich', you might be able to buy a lockbox ship every once in a while, that's it. I have several niches I'll never reveal. And that makes me insanely "rich", since I own every single lockbox ship (except the bug I don't want) + 500M in investments or cash.

Of course that's just virtual cash and no one should care about it but that's a good part of my fun.
Having an ace up your sleeve never hurts

Dave Ramsey tells a great story about him interviewing a billionaire, and finding out his secret. The billionaire said his secret was in "The Tortoise and the Hare!" Keep going, keep steady, and don't get distracted! For most players, no matter the techniques, the biggest obstacle to accumulating wealth will be either spending it all or stopping (burn out, lack of interest, etc).
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