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10-18-2012, 04:46 PM
Yeah it has 10 consoles and has a bit different functionality more of a Sci side of things than anything else it makes it with using consoles from both ships and the 3 piece set with it...

Kind of hard to explain but basically way game mechanics work a sci in it with some heavy tactical and able to use cannons where the other time ship doesn't. Pretty much most of the time game has been up today i've been using it with all the time ship consoles and weapons with 2 advanced fleet DHC's ap and 3 advanced fleet ap turrets combined with the time ship stuff 3x ap consoles, leech console, xii purp flow capacitor console, xii shield capacity and switch in and out depending on enemy damage resist eng console... Most of the battles my main sci in this has out dpsed just about everyone I've teamed with. Although the same boff layout and stuff can't be used on any ship besides a bop that I've used this setup on.