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Yeah was kinda hoping within the last 12 months and onto the last 2.5 months left of the year that the KDF would get something in the C-Store or even in fleet store at the least something new.

Looking at the C-store product line for KDF tho the only ship in the last couple years added to it was the bortasqu'. I figure Cryptic could do better though. So I have a list of mostly non klingon design ships I'd personally like to see.

#1. The Gorn Zilant... The varanus is really only thing we have but I'd rather see something that can dish out more DPS to those of us that like to put race to races ship design with those specialty toons we make.

#2. Nausicaan ship that can use the tech described in game as Nausicaan Tech AKA the Siphon Pods.

#3. An orion Escort of some kind

#4. Possibly a Mercenary ship for the letheans and aliens that could be cross faction but available thru c-store or fleet shipyards.

#5. K'vort class bop

#6. More Fek'ihr ships from fighters, frigates, etc.

#7. Another cross faction idea since the prototypes space sets between x to xii do not seem to give the appropriate prestige the ground sets do so there should be some kind of ship itself as a high end reward like that assimilated carrier as a reward something that we can setup to be as useful for a tact in an originally klingon designed carrier before its assimilated LOL.

#8. Ferasans just seem like they were dropped in to see how many pennies could be collected off the KDF but beyond their natural low low low resistance to damage on ground we have seen nothing for them not at all. The caitian carrier for caitians but nada for the ferasans.

That about raps it up but until they start pushing some KDF ships that aren't lockbox or high priced lobi... Its just not doing it for me.. I'm probally not the only one out there that feels same way though.