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10-18-2012, 05:22 PM
Ive been unable all day to withdraw zen, but I am able to withdraw Dil. Also if I post any new sales/purchases nothing happens. It just sits there.

Ok so they took something down for maintenance a few hours ago, and the problem persists.

I can add a buy option but I cannot:
1. Withdraw an outstanding purchase offer
2. Withdraw Zen

I cant test withdrawing anymore dil because I cant buy anything, even tho my offer is the same as current prices.

So since ppl keep saying "next maintenance will fix it" that means that for the next week (or whatever) I cant participate in the exchange?

The maintanence they did this afternoone didnt fix it...

Also have outstanding tickets in-game about it.

Wow a weeks worth of dil on 4 toons... hmmmm too bad for SB folks then.

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