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10-18-2012, 05:22 PM
The only way these changes are going to be good is if they made it more possible to get the omega / maco stuff.

I've been trying to get the prototype deflector and I've yet to get one. I quit trying after 3 weeks of doing KA Elite 5 times / day to get it. They need to make it where you can turn in say 5 or 10 Rare Engines, Deflectors, and shields and get the prototype version of it so you can actually get a full set.

Otherwise, imo, escorts are supposed to be big tanks. They're not supposed to be glass cannons and these changes do make a huge difference to a single class. The Borg set as it is right now, is worth the 15 ec's to upgrade if you don't feel like redoing all the quests and things to get a lvl 50 set that way.

But.. has anyone looked at the other set pieces @ lvl 50? Have they changed -all- the sets or just the borg set? Also, have they introduced a Fleet Set yet? Questions to be found out.