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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
I suppose my take on this depends much on Cryptic's attitude about maintaining these missions.

Is Cryptic assuming full responsibility to fix them as problems come up? Is that even an issue since they will presumably be moved into a different system anyway? As for "losing control" of the mission itself, well as someone who has been publishing stories for a while that's just the nature of the beast when you "sell" a story.
Computer games are a different medium than other types of storytelling though. Sure with a novel or a television show or whatever, you do it and then it's done, for better or worse. But that's understandable, because of how those mediums work, and because they are both established. For example, there aren't any real advancements in how to write a novel, it's all just words on paper.

But with computer games you just have to look back historically to see they are often patched. Because STO itself, and the Foundry in particular, doesn't stay the same, there's a large possibility that you can improve your mission(s) later.

For example, it looks like the ability to hide contacts is on Tribble now. That means I can drop the clunky work around of dropping contacts through the floor on my missions, or hiding them in a wall. So, by giving up control you're setting in stone not just the story, but also all of the limitations you faced at the time you made it.

It's a unique situation where you have access to real time improvements. It's like being able to shoot a movie in 1980 and then seamlessly improve the special effects every few years, with only limited effort on your part.

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