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10-18-2012, 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by praxian2012 View Post
The only way these changes are going to be good is if they made it more possible to get the omega / maco stuff.

I've been trying to get the prototype deflector and I've yet to get one. I quit trying after 3 weeks of doing KA Elite 5 times / day to get it. They need to make it where you can turn in say 5 or 10 Rare Engines, Deflectors, and shields and get the prototype version of it so you can actually get a full set.

Otherwise, imo, escorts are supposed to be big tanks. They're not supposed to be glass cannons and these changes do make a huge difference to a single class. The Borg set as it is right now, is worth the 15 ec's to upgrade if you don't feel like redoing all the quests and things to get a lvl 50 set that way.

But.. has anyone looked at the other set pieces @ lvl 50? Have they changed -all- the sets or just the borg set? Also, have they introduced a Fleet Set yet? Questions to be found out.
technically you can make a fleet set by using the equipment at your base. But having a fleet set akin to what maco or omega would be might be kind of redundant. Unless they make some kind of system where we can actually build the traits of each specific piece into a custom equipment set. I don't know if that is even possible. -- If you could modify equipment like you modify your character traits, that would be cool.