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10-18-2012, 06:56 PM
So your goal is to get Military Fleet Ship Provisioning.

I assume your fleet members know how to contribute towards projects, and you yourself know how to add projects to the queues?

Here's what your fleet has to do:

- Have a look at what Military Tier you are currently (the red segmented progress bar in your fleet overview.

- If you are currently in Military Tier 0, your fleet needs to keep contributing their resources into Military projects called "Practice Tactical Exercises" and "Reinforce Local Systems" until your total Military XP is 10,000 (each of those projects give 1,000 when you complete them)

- Once you have earned your 10k Military XP, you need to build a Shipyard - again, your fleet needs to contribute resources towards this.

- When your shipyard is built, your fleet will then reach Military Tier 1.

- At Military Tier 1, your fleet needs to keep contributing resources into Military projects. Two of these, "Basic Ship Provisioning" and "Provision Fleet Ships I", will actually give your fleet the Military Fleet Ship Provisioning tokens you guys want.

- If your fleet runs out of these token, do more Ship Provisioning upgrade projects.

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