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Originally Posted by rangerryu View Post
Played your 5th part, really enjoyed just want to point out a few issues I've found

during the briefing if you select the top option it finishes the convo when everything's been said instead of going back to the various convo options.

It's possible to get yourself trapped in the central core, like I did

and a some of the ship NPC's are called like Actor #59 etc, mainly the 2nd group onwards for the first space map and for the battle at the end.

otherwise I really enjoyed your series so far,keep it up
Thanks for the feedback! I found the ships labeled "Actor #x" in Map 2 and fixed them. I couldn't find any such ships in Map 5 though. I hope it's not one of those bugs that only becomes evident in a published mission.

I also moved all the invisible interacts a few feet back from their respective bulkheads, which should make it slightly harder to trap yourself on the wrong side. Last, but not least, I fixed that dialogue branch to make it go back to the branch point.

I also added a few more captains to fill up all the chairs in the briefing room, and tweaked Map 5 to have the Pax Federatica separate its chevron for battle. (The stardrive goes into combat, where it may or may not get destroyed, while the chevron stays behind for you to talk to afterward.)