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I was pugging it up the other day as I usually do and came a across a 4v4 Fed vs. KDF match. The KDF was a premade team using 2 Kar'Fi's and 2 BoP's. Both Kar'Fi were using siphon drones with gravity wells and tykens rifts. I think 1 BoP was using gravity wells also and the other tricobalts with DPB3. They were all using aceton assimilators, plasmonic leech, and polaron weapons. At any given time there were on average 6 assimilators on the field and when I would engage there would be around 4 gravity wells and a tykens rift or two. It was impossible to escape the gravity wells even with evasive maneuvers and APO activated because my engines were constantly between 0-10 power as well as my shields. My weapons were between 0-40 power, but not like I could ever turn to get them in firing arc, and if you've ever shot at someone with 40 weapons power, you know the futility of it. Every time I engaged I literally came to a complete hault and if I didn't die to just the gravity wells and energy weapons then the the tricobalts would get me.

I ended up leaving the match after 3 engagements with them, and to-date it is the only time I have ever purposefully left a match. It was just completely pointless to attempt to engage them as I would get completely shut down and blown up 10 seconds later. I had no idea how to go about engaging them, especially with pugs who were just as clueless as me, so I left