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10-18-2012, 08:06 PM
Easiest Fix.... warp out. No I'm not kidden.

Warp out and make sure to tell them in zone before you go why your leaving.

Explain to them that the handful of real klingon players in the game hate there frea*ing guts for destryoing the FvK ques...

Seriously if I had one of the players on that team on my friends list they would be removed... they would be primary target any time I saw there @ handle anywhere anytime.

People that insist on building teams around stuff we all know is broken and then que up in a que that already takes 30+ min to pop most nights... well I think I made my feelings clear... Best thing for them is to warp and hopefuly after staring at a que screen that doesn't pop for the rest of the night they will get the message.... IHATEHAVINGTOPLAYMYSTUPIDFEDSALLTHEDAM*TIME.

End of rant.