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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So the "low" Engine is not the same as the "low" Efficiency - it's not up to 75?
The 25% AUX thrusters when the engine is disabled is not better than just sitting there?
The up to +10 Wep Pwr when you've switched to Aux/Shields is not helpful?
It's better to have a higher Engine power when you're still going to be flying slower because you want to turn eventually - typically done in the larger ship which is not going to be looking as much at Def as simply being able to tank the damage vs. the more nimble ship which is not going to be looking to tank the damage as much as to avoid the damage?

You know, I'd always thought that the engines were situational. It's not a case of one engine being the perfect engine for every ship. If you're flying X ship, then A or B might be better. If you're flying Y or Z ship, then you'd definitely want to look at C...

...this thread leads me to believe everything I posted above is wrong.
Yeah it's not the same. Combat impulse stops giving any kind of bonus at 50 or greater engine power. Just like Hyper engines give bonuses at 51 or higher and not 75 or higher.

the Aux disable doesn't make up for the set in questions Short Comings, is part of the problem. the variable power bonus is meh because a Warp Core engineer doff will give you +25 anyway if it procs. Maco will pretty much get you +10 instantly once you are shot at, and Leech gives you +16 if you are shooting anything anyway. To say nothing of EPS power transfers, Weapon Batteries, combo batteries, Red Matter Capacitors, Team Batteries, and oberth consoles.

Even at a Lower slider setting, at /25 -all- of my toons are comfortably over 50 power in engines.