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10-18-2012, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
What would really be nice is the reasonable expectation that everything earned would remain as it is when received rather than having everything nerfed over and over again.

Why bother to "work" for something when they keep changing the rules?
Because people make mistakes... I think the Dev sort of explained why they did it. The design of the borg set was based on people running a shield that didn't have a massive cap. I will say they should have seen that people would use half a brain and skirt the design intention I will give you that....

Frankly though if you play a MMO and you see some fantastic gear that seems to good to be true... you can safely assume someone screwed up and someone will correct it down the road. (and lets all be honest with ourselves... a free copy of Hazard Emitters 6 and Transfer Shield Strength 2.5 falls into that category, and heck thats after it's numbers where reduced once already. lol)

I do have to say though I find it funny when people say they "Worked" for there set. LMAO
Yes 2 complete rounds of STFs = Complete Borg Retro set... man what a grind. haha