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10-18-2012, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Well perhaps its time to set the sets free then....

Make the faction specific sets cross faction.... add a ferengi trader or something who will sell you the other teams sets for the right price.

Yes I know that doesn't solve the fact that sets aren't always general... Omega is pointless if you don't use nrg... KHG is pointless if you don't use kinetic... Maco is what ever it is maco is.... still it would make it less of an issue if you had 3 STF choices instead of 2.
Fleet Defiant might be a little OP with 2pc Honor Guard, it already has the most devestating strike there is.

It would be nice to get access to MACO shields for KDF though so I have another choice instead of using Omega or using Honor Guard and wasting the torp bonus for my all energy weapon character though. Just not sure its worth giving 2pc Honor Guard to Feds for it.