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10-18-2012, 08:47 PM
i ran into such a team last night, 3 carriers, 2 with drones. my team was helpless, i was not. because i had EWP1 on my vet ship, and thanks to 2 AtB i was dropping a second plasma before the first cloud even dissipated. they were complete fail without their drones, when i took that away their zombie builds were useless at damaging unsiphoned targets. 90% of their ability to do anything relied on their drones, they were the worst kind of scum in game, so i stomped a mud hole, made them eat ****, and buried them in plasma until they were defeated. felt so good, a victory for all who's energy levels have been repressed.

you can see by my teams numbers how shut down they were, i was administering friendly plasma clouds to them like you would administer HE lol. was a total crap fest, we had carriers too i think, no runabouts though. surprised my processor survived.
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