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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
This and the invulnerable guys who also blow
You away I'n 4 seconds is why I don't pvp

As a fleet we pvp almost everyday with members
Of our fleet, were also building up a Kdf fleet so
We can enjoy that content as well

The skills are so broken and unbalanced to pug
Or even use fleet teams is really a waste of time
Unless your exploiting some imbalance as a team
So we don't bother

Pvp is dead and will stay that way .......

The only pvp content is and will be is I'n honorable
Fleets who agree to certain rules I believe
if you think that, you have 0 grasp of what your doing, seriously. review the help threads, ask questions, and be willing to learn. the game is about 85% perfectly balanced
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