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10-18-2012, 09:03 PM
I got the gold/lifetime when STO first came out...but that's because I love the game and the genre. That being said when the Chimera came out (and it IS a destroyer...A class between escort and cruiser) I picked it up only to be happily surprised.

Its a good ship if you build it right. Tough in a fight. Good DPS.

I've been running all the basic Borg gear and so far I haven't died or had to run for it yet.

Mind you, I haven't taken her out in any PVP action but for everything else its a great little ship.

Is it worth getting a gold membership?.... no ship is worth that but gold does have its bonuses like the free ZEN every month. Consider how much people spend on keys for lock boxes to try and get the timeship..... now that is crazy in my opinion