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10-18-2012, 09:04 PM
Yes, of course there are DPS meters. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but its pretty hard to take any posts "oh this escort build is the best/most awesome," without AVERAGED DPS output over say at least 5-10 runs in a particular event (i.e. like ISE) along with a statement of position/strategy in use. For example, in CSE, if an escort is on Kang duty, they might very well have a lower overall DPS reading than another who has targets in sight for the majority of the match. In fact, if you, as an escort, come out with the top DPS reading overall whilst Kang-ing, (assuming there are other escorts there), well, you can be pretty sure their setups are not optimized.

There are however, caveats to this, the biggest being distance from your team-mates. I've noticed that the parser is grossly inaccurate outside 15KM keep that in mind before coming to the aforementioned conclusion.

Properly setup, Escorts in STFs with "decent" equipment, i.e. not talking purple MK XII tac consoles but rather MKXI blues, should at LEAST be hitting 4500 DPS regularly. Maybe not every match/round because !@#$ happens, (get blown up a lot, out of good firing position etc.) With a fully loaded escort, (all the goodies you can dream of), 8500-10000 DPS is well within the range of possibility.

Now, here is the link for the ACT, the DPS parser you are asking for:

You WILL need this script: <--- FOR PVE TAKE v.1071 NOT v.2010

P.S. If anyone wants some help in setting up their Escort, feel free to message me in game. I would be pleased to help where I can. I am NOT however, a PVP'er so please, don't ask me for PVP setup help. I optimize for STF, Fleet Events, and other PVE stuff.