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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
One thing I don't understand is why the devs gave one side 3 unique (and effective) power drain abilities (siphon drones, aceton assimilators, and plasmonic leech). When combined with universal power drain abilities like polaron weapons and tyken's rift, the amount of power drained is devastating and seems to be uncounterable if the team using them has any coordination, which the team that I faced did. To me, that seems like an obvious design flaw that should be fixed, but how long has it been this way (honest question as I'm new to PvP)?

Would the game not be better if these 3 items were entirely removed from the game and the previous owners of them compensated in dilithium/zen? I have faced siphons before and yes they were annoying, and I have faced assimilators before and yes they were annoying, and I have faced plasmonic leech before and ok, it wasn't too bad by itself. But when these powers are combined (plus, combined even further with universal drains) and used in a coordinated effort that takes advantage of the lowered power levels it seems completely game-breaking. I have really enjoyed PvP up until that match, but I think I'm starting to understand why the queues are often empty.
yes it would be better, but no, they wont do it. They've taken a stab at trying to fix it, but either they haven't put enough resources into it, or it's outside their capability to figure out. I have enough faith that it's not the latter to simply conclude it's just not that high on their priority list. This isn't saying it's not on their list at all, just not high up on it. Until it gets fixed, FvK will always suffer