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10-18-2012, 11:57 PM
I am a player who frequents the Klingon side often (4 KDf characters to 1 Fed character). I went into a private match with some guys and my Fleet Tor'kaht was at the receiving end of his own faction's power draining spam.

As an honorable Klingon (saving for the decloaking alpha strikes, got to use what I have) I don't use Aceton Assimilators or Siphon Drones. I only use the Plasmonic Leech because even if I spec into it, the power drain isn't enough to make people worry, especially if they have specced into Power Insulators. I also use Polarons, but only because they're purple in color and the power drain proc doesn't happen often and clears in no time.

But I think warp plasma or Topedo spreads can take care of drones and Assimilators.