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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Welll, I can understand that one does that when he's having a bad day, but as a thought-out strategy? Nah. I mean, in a real war situation/open PvP, you'd obviously retreat and come back with lots of reinforcements if at all possible, but isn't PvP via the queues supposed to be like sports?

Like thishorizon said, keeping some distance and using AOE attacks like EWP is what works best. The drain team will still be at an advantage, though. Energy drain is just a very good weapon.

Has anyone ever tried to build a fed energy drain team?
Nah, the Feddies just use their sci spam BS and subsystem targeting to disable and hold ships while bludgeoning them to death. They don't need energy draining.

I love it when Feddies complain about KDF drain abilities, but don't seem to see a problem with pre-made sci spamming teams that also toss in a few pay-to-win abilities (graviton pulse being one). I don't do either, tbh. The only P2W I use is Impulse Capacitance Cell (which can be overcome with sci spam or subnukes). Other than that, I just rely on decloak alphastrikes, skill, and a bit of luck.