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10-19-2012, 12:28 AM
These sets should go back to the drawing board, especially their 3 set powers:

Maco is the tank set, so perhaps a similar hull heal that the borg set has as the 2 set power to replace the silly relay power, and maybe a clickable shield heal or resistance buff like tss or epts instead of the god awful HGB on the 3 set power...

Omega is damage, so the 2 piece tet glider is actually useful, but just needs a higher value to be worth it.
As for the 3 set power, maybe a clickable fire on my mark type power similar to the tac captain power to replace the current useless Gravatic Anchor...

Klingon Honour Guard set I have no idea as never used it....

Borg set needs to be removed from the stf side completely and turned into what the devs wanted and make it into a starter set only available by getting a piece from each of the borg front missions, like the Breen/Jem 'Hadar sets.

Aegis set needs a whole new redesign...

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