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10-18-2012, 11:42 PM
Radical ideas for the 3pc KHG,

Instead of the MES, battlecloak.
Or make the MES a team effect.
Or replace it entirely with a centered on the ship gravimetric pulse that pushes every enemy object in say a 5km radius away like a TBR.
Or how about a passive, +10% all damage resistance for the shield and hull.

Omega 3pc bonus ideas
Since the set is all about mobility and hitting the target,
extended weapons range by say 2.5km because of the advanced targeting system.
Or extended arc on weapons, by like 10-20 degrees.
Or hrmm, to keep in the theme of the glider, increased shield penetration, say 25% extra.

reflect energy attack back to attacker, from all the bling. lets say as passive 2.5% change to proc. or as active power on demand for the next 5 seconds. a kind of oh **** power.