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Well, further to my last post, I'm giving it a try - purchased a Fleet Rhode Island, fitted it with two MkXII dual beam Antiproton banks, MkXII Quantum Torpedeo launcher forward, two MkXII antiproton turrets and one MkXII quantum torpedo launcher aft (all from the fleet store). Haven't really tested it beyond blasting a few Klingon ships in Starbase 24, but it seemed okay.

Consdering popping two antiproton cannons on forward to see how it does with that though.
Well, gave my Rhode Island/tactical Officer setup a test-run last night/this morning and impressed thus far - the antiproton weapons are pretty effective on it, benefiting from the ship's sensor anaylsis ability, and was able to knock shields out pretty quickly using the sub-system targeting. And using sci abilities such as GW II and PSW, afforded by the sci officer BOFF slots, made me a real thorn in the enemies' side.

Felt a little odd, having a Tactical Captain flying a Sci-ship - but I think it actually works pretty well!
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Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"