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10-19-2012, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by therealdoh123 View Post
not sure if i understand...

if you crashed, then it may want to verify files thinking something might be messed up, that is nothing to do with what was going on in game, just that it crashed.

Verify can take a while, but it comes up in a new pop up window in the center of the screen... you have to answer it before anything else works.

Why are you clicking Option? Did you quit and launch it again?
ye i quit and launched again and now i can get as far as character select but because I'm saved at the same place it keeps telling me to verify but doesn't give me an option to do so like you mentioned which is why i tried to use the option button in the launcher to do it. but whenever i tried, the normal engage button changed to cancel and never changes back to engage, let alone start to verify the files