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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Sci spam is when they throw enough sci skills at you to where you run out of debuff-clearing abilities (very quickly). That's still quite applicable, especially when you don't have a dedicated and competent healer around. A good example would be to use sensor scramble, tractor beams, subsystem targeting (sci ships have this automatically, so I consider it a hybrid of sci and tac), sensor scan to massively debuff, subnucleonic beam, energy drain, and maybe throw in a few p2w moves in for flavor. Most sci spam is accompanied by a few eng abilities like warp plasma for extra holding and graphics overload.

That's why I laugh at people whining about how sci skills are soooo underpowered. Yeah, a few could use a buff (Tachyon Beam, especially), but most of the people complaining are just people who aren't using science builds the way they're supposed to be used. . .to debuff, disable, or hold your opponents and wear through the defenses (or have teammates shred them). They're expecting to use science skills to DPS the heck out of everyone, and that's not what you're supposed to do with most sci skills.
ill stop sci spaming people when tactical stop DPS spamming.