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10-19-2012, 04:14 AM
There are 2 real issues with the 3pc bonusus.

1. too long a CD. with a 3 minute CD you can't rely on being able to use it for anything so it's not a great skill. IOt needs to abe a minute or lss so we cna have it up often enough to factor it into anything we do.

2. Too sort a duration or too small a magnitude. MACO suffers from not hitting hard enough damage wise, (the repel is too weak and too overshadowed by other things to be worth mentioning). And OMEGA's just isn';t long enough to properly take advantage of.

2b. KHG is just usless period in STF's you don't want need, or use a cloak there so a cloak like ability dosen't do anyone any good.

My suggestions:

1. Reduce all active powers to a 1 minute CD, (except KHG, see below on this).


MACO: Drop the repel effect and slow. In STF's you generally need to hit too many targets for that to be handy. Instead make it do a base 2/3/4K Kenetic damage with 40% bleedthrough and standard Aux power scalars. I'd also increase the arc to 360 so that starfleet cruisers have a workable 3 set effect. Makes for a nice powerful bursty Kenetic damage effect with good bleedthrough, this is more than handy enough as at max power levels against an unsheilded target it's bassiclly a THY3 Plasma Torp. But wioth the advantage of significant bleethrough.

OMEGA: Just raise the resiatnce and efence debuff duration to 30 seconds. 10 seconds is too short to take advantage of. 30 allows for some real fun and games.

KHG:A cloak just isn't useful. So just drop the stealth effect and make it a 5KM 30 seconds defence buff. ven 10-15% is going to be significant for non-escorts, a 20-25% is going to be big news.

3. The 2-set bonusus are actually a good deal better but still aren't really on par with borg by a mile, so here's some thoughts.

KHG: I don't have any good anwsers here, if everything and it's dog didn't kill all your crew off in a couple of shots this would be quite useful, as is not so much.

OMEGA: We obviosuly don;t want an OP PvP setup so here's my suggestion. Make it also add a passive +X radiation damage per weapons cycle vs Borg effect to all weaposn. Even at a low 100/200/300 magnitude thats going to be significant without screwing over PvP.

MACO: This is the ushual cruiser set. And that 5% isn't tottally FUBAR. Just not impressive on it's own. How about adding a small passive weapns power energy drain resistance. Even 20-30 points would be enough to be useful, (and escorts would still see a benefit too), without going OTT IMHO.