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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
4 DHC, 3 Turrets is also a decent setup for an escort.

4x DHCs combined with Cannon Rapid Fire gives out an extremely high level of Sustained Single-Target Damage at close-to-medium range. Running 3 Turrets Aft will contribute to your Foreward weapon arcs, and unless you're at very close range (for minelaying) it's pretty much the most effective method to buff your Fore DPS using your Aft weapon slots.

Note though that at longer ranges (around 6km or more), Dual Beam banks with FAW will start to win out over Dual Heavy Cannons with CRF. Without CRF or FAW, Dual Beams will start to pull ahead after 4.5km.

The major downsides with an all-DHC setup are that your AoE damage is very low (even when running CSV3) and your Spike Damage won't be particularly high. For AoE, or Spike damage, you really need torpedos. (At least on "standard" builds. You can do some fun things with both Science BOFF Abilities and Mines... and BO3 can be used for a single hit of spike damage)

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