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10-19-2012, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by longasc View Post
The change/nerf to the Borg set simply must happen.

3x Borg + X (high capacity shield) -> that's still the magic formula.
The Borg Engine is still the most useful sector space engine. Maco XII comes only close, Omega XII is

It's really about time to change that.

The catch is that nerfing the Borg Set alone isn't the solution.
-> A complete re-balancing of all three major current sets is due.

This is important for the future. I mean we all know the Reman set. The shield is relatively good due to high capacity, but other than that and for looks, it's really not offering anything interesting.

This must change. And if the first step to bring balance and more interesting set powers into the game is to crush the old borg set, oh well, so be it!

As I said before this change is worthless unless we see.

Updates to the M.A.C.O / KHG / OMEGA sets

and even more importantly updates and Mk XII versions of Aegis, Jem Hadar and Breen sets. I already assumed they'd update the Reman.