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We are an Empire under siege. We are fighting enemies on all fronts - the Fek'Iiri from dimensions unknown, the Undine from within our own ranks and the ranks of our former friends, and the Borg. The assaults upon the Klingon way of life are manifest in spiritual, political, and physical assaults (respectively).

I like this viewpoint of how you see the KDF in STO, but how does the limited storyline missions we have to play help show the begining of the war, its growth out of control and its eventual crescendo into the realization that we are being duped and must work with our allies nieghbors to overcome?

Seriuosly? So far every move towards peace with the feds or the RSE has been a forced move made without backstory to help the player along.
One minute we are fighting the feds over some grieviuos insult to our honor, etc, etc. and the next we are buddy-buddy helping them fight the Borg or rescue some Reman refugees, or help the Deferi on some ancient oath or helping the feds fight back the Tholians.
The war with the feds was the last thing that we had that was still even remotely Klingon in nature, even if it is for the wrong reasons, and its dispeering.

Its like the Dev team is just throwing ideas in a pot hoping the end product tastes good for all its content. It has little continuity or reasoning. I as a player would like to see it all click into place instead so the game as a whole, from start to endgame makes more sense.
Not a one day we fight the feds, the next day we help them feed the Romulans, Hey lets all go fight the Borg, holding hands and singing happy songs.

It truelly makes the KDF just a poor reflection of the federation after all.
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