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Originally Posted by emoejoe View Post
In this day is their any viable niche for the old hegtha and brel bops? What are u rocking in that uni commander slot, and why?

Im still running my ancient kit, but i can still get kills with a little luck, and alot more skill than the enemy (usually jem ship nowadays)

do tell, if anyone still flies em
What do you bop and why
The Jem you fought yesterday is a veteran 1v1er (Draco). He rarely speaks, and has never been in a PvP fleet until now. He spars with Yoda on a regular basis, as well as myself. He's mostly low on the radar for these reasons.

Your bop is not obsolete, the bop is a very elegant ship. It's role is probably best executed by yourself and a few others. Mostly Kerrat dwellers from ISC and Devils Rejects have built some of the most interesting BoPs I've seen.

Although, a fleet variant will give you an extra console and some more HP, you know as well as I that the main defense on a BoP is the battle cloak. This does not change in the fleet version.

That very same pilot lost to ZackerySS the same day 5-3 in a 1v1. Everyone has a counter, everyone has a weak point.

I hope your confidence in your stuff isn't shaken up by one match.

Take care Minimax.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes.

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