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10-19-2012, 08:00 AM
Look i run a simple policy of don't start none don't get none. Dannyboy started the beef, I put him in his place. Also for any typing errors, please forgive, I wasn't putting really any attention to my grammar and sentence structure. But in the end, I am not for a hyper sensitive fleets. I am more for the vulgar crude thick skinned spartan type of fleet. Where words may be exchanged, but we realize it's just a game. But even in those vulgar words, we also realize there true intent. To you make you a better player... A good example would be "The Dream Team" documentary that they put out recently. The elites of basketball coming together and playing. From the outside it looked peaceful. But at closer examination, you saw all this trash and smack talk. Which only pushed the players more to come back and over come them. So they could talk smack back. They were amazing feats individual plays by players. Those practices were Legen wait for it......dary!!! But I tell you what, if you were hyper senstive, this place was not for you. But yes in the end, it was the lesson of teamwork by coach Chuck Daly, with a that purposeful mismatched players so that they would be defeated by NCAA players, that made them gods of the game. But first he needed the raw potential of these elite players. Because the raw potential of these NCAA players were proven not enough for the global stage... Now show me a science that can match my DPS or my durability and I will call them an ally. Show me a weak science that talks smack and I will put them in there place. But show me a weak science that want's to learn and I will teach them all I know. Cause one day they may be my teacher.